Lazareto Palace Ithaca Greece

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Lazareto Palace


Lazareto Palace is very attractive with great location and stunning views of the beautiful bay of Vathy, is tastefully decorated with details and is the ideal place for a good stay in a wonderful relaxing environment.

We are just across from the island of Lazareto or Sotira (with the church of the same name) is located in Vathy near the ΝW beach of the harbor.
It dates back to 1560 where it was renovated.
The two-storey building was made by the English in 1817 where the bust of the English Commissioner was made then sir Thomas Meytland.
Hosted lazaretto (1836), later prison of convicts (until 1912) and today not used.
In the past centuries, in each port there was a lazaretto in which ships arriving from abroad had to stop for a medical examination.
Many fighters such as G. Petalas Petas have been imprisoned the colonel of the 1821 struggle, Odysseus Androutsos and other opponents of King Otto and George A.
On the island there is also a church of the Metamorphosis of Sotira, founded in 1668.
Lazareto of Ithaca suffered significant damage with the earthquakes of 1953 and a little later was demolished. We know that most of it was built with stones from ancient Greek ruins, in which even full inscriptions were read. This important material was not recorded.




Our hotel has an open 16-hour reception,
with 24-hour internal or external telephone access.
Wake-up service and 24-hour phone access.

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